My Passion?

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Actually, this morning I have no intension in writing any posts in this blog. But, as usual, after my dawn prayer I don’t want to go to sleep anymore so I did some blogwalking this morning. And the choosen blog was Nisa’s (I was opening the blogs aggregator before then became interested in her blog so I stop by in her blog for a while) :p

Have just read about her passion (she talks about her passion in two posts, here and here) and suddenly I just want to write this post and talk about my passion too. Oh, but I don’t want to write the things down as Nisa did :p, I just want to talk about how did I find my passion. It’s been a long time since I find my passion (not so long though) and want to talk a little bit about it in my blog but I am still too embarrassed to write those things here :p.

Before, I have already declared that I finally have a purpose of life. That is because I have found what my passion is and those passion is found from searching it (of course, if you search it then you’ll find it :p). And So many thanks to Ilman who help me to find my passion (not directly though :p). It was started from my boring life (somehow I feel that my life was so empty and meaningless) then I was doing the same thing like I do now (blogwalking). Then, that time the choosen blog was Ilman’s. I was so interesting in his post about passion (there are quite many posts about it :p) and then I became jealous to him (because he has already find his passion a long time ago and I was still didn’t know anything about my life at that time). So, I then intended to find mine (my passion and my purpose of life). Reading his blog is helping me so much. Then, he made another inspiring thing for me (his e-book). Eh, actually that is for everyone who want to find his/her passion, but it was so inspiring for me. It was more helpful. Then I was begin to follow the steps in his e-book :p

So, right now I am trying to live it (my passion). I am chasing my dreams (I have more than one dream :p) and hope with those dreams I can give some contribution to the world (at least to my environment,hehe). Yea, all of those dreams are come from my passion :p

There is a thing that I am waiting for right now. I hope I can get it because it will become my first (ups, second actually) movement in living my passion. Aaaaah,, I want it so much, so bad that I will try till the end of my life for it (ahahah, this is so much) :p


  1. icetea

    @yans: Hum, it’s about 5 or 6 years yans :(. I was the one who didn’t know and didn’t have a purpose in life T_T. And I feel guilty to myself that I want to compensate it with the spirit that I have now ^_^ (hope this spirit never go)

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