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So, I have a problem with my website yesterday. The problem is, the form checkout at checkout page didn’t displayed. Even though the products and the shipping was showed up, the checkout form which contain the information of customer was not visible or it was being hidden.

I’ve tried to look up the style.css to see if I made something’s visibility is hidden then would make it visible. But it didn’t worked. I’ve tried to changed the themes into the older version of it ~off course I backed up the themes first~. But it didn’t worked either.

So I tried to googled those error and I found something funny. The simple solution of the error. How is it?

Go to the settings -> store from your dashboard, then pick the shipping tab. Choose no in “Use Shipping”. Yap, I thought it was impossible too, but there was worth trying. So, I’ve got a little surprise that it was worked for my website too.

Then I was deactivating my shipping plugin to reactivated it again to refresh the plugin. After that, I changed the status in “Use Shipping” into yes. And now, there is no hidden content at checkout page anymore 😀

Checkout Page

Checkout Page

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