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— I wrote this post on January 3rd actually 😀 —

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I never thought of making some kind of resolutions before. Every year and every time I just think that I want to be a better person. More and more. But, these year, I want to started making some resolutions. And these so called resolutions might take my life into more interesting life. I could be more excited in doing my role as a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur.

Yea, I read back my last posting, and I thought my wishes for 2014 is too general. You don’t know what exactly a better person, a better wife, or even a better mother do you?

So, here they are my so called resolutions this year:

  1. I want to be hafidzah. I want my children be hafidz or hafidzah, so I have to be the one first. So I am starting to read Quran more and starting to follow the program ODOJ (One Day One Juz). Bismillaah.
  2. My cooking skills increased even more.
  3. I want to train Naia to be more independent. At least she can wear her clothes and shoes by herself *she already done the shoes part :P* and rearrange the toys she has been played.
  4. Add some knowledge in parenting skills. Yea, through people’s experience and also experiencing myself, I want to get a lot of parenting lesson that I can share later.
  5. Write more about parenting in my blog.
  6. Write an english post *at least* once a month.
  7. Add some value in my business, Hijaiya.

Thats it. Eventough it’s not much, it’s…

Not much, haha. The important thing is action!

I hope all of my resolutions can be done by the end of this year.


Ilman Akbar's wife & 3N's mother. (Naia, Nawa, Nara)

I am a full time mother and part time blogger. Love to do traveling with ny family and share it on this blog. Hope you guys enjoying my content and love it if you being inspired with my experience and share your experience with me.

Always want to learn something and be a better person everyday.

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