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— I wrote this post on January 3rd actually 😀 —

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I never thought of making some kind of resolutions before. Every year and every time I just think that I want to be a better person. More and more. But, these year, I want to started making some resolutions. And these so called resolutions might take my life into more interesting life. I could be more excited in doing my role as a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur.

Yea, I read back my last posting, and I thought my wishes for 2014 is too general. You don’t know what exactly a better person, a better wife, or even a better mother do you?

So, here they are my so called resolutions this year:

  1. I want to be hafidzah. I want my children be hafidz or hafidzah, so I have to be the one first. So I am starting to read Quran more and starting to follow the program ODOJ (One Day One Juz). Bismillaah.
  2. My cooking skills increased even more.
  3. I want to train Naia to be more independent. At least she can wear her clothes and shoes by herself *she already done the shoes part :P* and rearrange the toys she has been played.
  4. Add some knowledge in parenting skills. Yea, through people’s experience and also experiencing myself, I want to get a lot of parenting lesson that I can share later.
  5. Write more about parenting in my blog.
  6. Write an english post *at least* once a month.
  7. Add some value in my business, Hijaiya.

Thats it. Eventough it’s not much, it’s…

Not much, haha. The important thing is action!

I hope all of my resolutions can be done by the end of this year.

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