The Magic Seasoning: Soy Sauce

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Especially for Naia, hihi. She loves to eat if every meal that she ate is seasoned by soy sauce. It can increased her appetite, could be doubled, or even tripled XP . If she rejected the food that we served, we just said to her “would you want the food added by soy sauce”. She then following our words “ncap, auu” which means “kecap.. mau” with a nod on her head. Hahaha..


The result is, in every single spoon, she always ask for the soy sauce. Okaay. Then we just put a drop or two to please her, hahaha. Sometimes, she want to put it herself. Yea, we allow her to do it off course. Buut, we always secure the bottle by holding the bottom side of the bottle. In case she put too much soy sauce in her food, we can stop her anytime. 😀

So, that’s the magic seasoning for Naia. In every meal, she likes it or not, it must have the soy sauce in it. What about you? What’s your magic seasoning?


  1. Swastika Nohara

    We don’t have magic seasoning. But yes, many Indonesian children love sweet soy sauce, especially to be eaten with rice. I think it’s beneficial to bear in mind that sweet soy sauce contains quite a lot of sugar, in addition to white rice which has high sugar level as well 🙂

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