[EF #14] My First Love

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English Hobi Pribadi

So, I have been absent for too long for this challenge. I was doing my challenge for the first time on challenge #8 backthen. And now, it’s already #14, waw. This time, the challenge is about favorite cartoon character you say? Oh, is it coincidence or what? I have just write down my favorite anime a couple weeks ago in this blog. And there is so many anime that I have to write it in three different parts, here’s the part I, here’s the part II, and enjoy the part III 😀

From all of them, the most and the first one I favorited was (still is I guess :D) Shinichi Kudo.

Shinichi Kudo

Shinichi Kudo – courtesy of fanpop

I don’t know why, I just like that kind of guy. The white tall skinny and smart guy, heheh. He became my first love then. Because of him, I became obsessed with an “anime look” guy. I always fall in love with those first impression (white, tall, skinny, and smart guy). So, when my husband is that kind of guy, it’s just like a dream comes true to me. xp

Still because of him, I became Japanese fanboy untill now. Just not the freak one. I just know Japanese songs because they are parts of anime or dorama that I have ever whatched. Another Japanese songs that I know is known from my husband. It turns out that he is Japanese fanboy too. So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? 😀

But, I like Heiji too, you know. Simply because he is also smart. Besides, he has another advantage, which is he can do the martial art, Kendo. It’s a plus for me. Eventhough my husband is not the martial art guy, but I, myself, was the martial art person back then, hihihi. No more complaining about it then. 😉

Do you have favorite cartoon character too? Come on share with me 😉


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