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Bestfriends Ever


Ichigo ~Gema, me, Boay, Pipit, Ero, Dita~

Yup, we are bestfriends forever πŸ˜€

I met them since in highschool and we were having a lot in common, such as our thoughts, our attitudes, and also our activity in martial art. Yup, we wereΒ are doing Kempo.

Since it was a lot of fun to hang out together, we keep doing it trough the years. So no matter where we are, no matter how far we are, we still do the thing. Even though there is no chance to hang out, we still keep in touch everyday.

But now I’m married and be the most distant from anybody else. Yeah, they all are live in North Jakarta while we ~my husband and I~ are live in South Jakarta.Β ~not so far huh? :p

I do missing a lot of things we do together.

I miss having midnight shopping, I miss going to the carnival or any existing festival or something like that, I miss going somewhere spontaneously, I miss having holiday feast to somewhere, and any other things we do together.

OK, I still can do those things but not every single time they asked me, hehe.

Just keep ask me to hangout with you guys, once in a while I do really want to come and join you. Just like the last week when I spontaneously join you to eat at DBC Bogor πŸ˜€



Now, three of us has already married and two of us has already having a child ~hope Gema will having it too, soon, heheh~

Two of us who already have a child

Two of us who already have a child πŸ˜€

But you know what, those things really doesn’t change the fun of hang out together. Instead, we have more fun then before πŸ˜€

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